Aerial Lift Training

OSHA requires training for aerial lifts, and employers are also required to retrain workers whom they observe operating an aerial lift improperly.

An aerial lift is defined as any vehicle-mounted device used to elevate personnel, including extendable boom platforms, aerial ladders, articulating (jointed) boom platforms and vertical towers. These lifts provide greater mobility and flexibility than ladders and scaffolding and can be powered or manually operated. Aerial lifts can be dangerous when not used correctly, with many workplace injuries and deaths occurring annually from such misuse. Workers falling, objects falling from the lifts, tipping over, ejections from the platform, structural failures, collapse, electric shock, entanglement hazards, contact with objects and ceilings are all dangers OSHA lists with the use of this equipment.

Upon completing our aerial lift training, your team will have mastered safety principles, OSHA regulations and correct operating procedures.